In the 21st century, we use the internet most of the time for shopping. If you are smart enough, you can save a huge amount of money in online shopping.

1. Buy the things at the right time from the right place

Do you already know about the Black Friday deals? You know it’s really cool. Now I am giving you away some uncommon tricks to save more bucks. Prices of the stuff vary over the year. If you are buying them at their peak, you are wasting your money. For example, you can buy Christmas items at very low prices in January and holiday stuff in Autumn. Use your brain.

save money online

2. Always compare prices and look for discounts and vouchers

When you are buying something always try to compare items in a few online stores. There is always a price difference for the same item on various platforms. You can check common platforms like Amazon, Ali Express, eBay, and Froogle to compare prices in various stores. Some online stores give seasonal discounts and gift vouchers. Be aware of them. You can set your Google alerts on to discounts. Then you will not miss any.

Check websites like Groupon or Wowcher for hot deals. You go visit these sites and thank me later.

3. Save money by buy in bulks

You can save lots of money if you buy a bulk of items. They give lots of discounts for bulk orders. You can use this tip for items like toilet paper, shampoo. When you are buying bulks of items with limited time like eggs, must be cautious. If you do not eat them in time, you make losses.

save money online

4. Don’t get blind by the shine of the brand name

There is a huge price gap between a normal item and a branded item. Most of the time, the gap between the quality is not that huge. So, you are paying lots of money for the brand name. You can read reviews on the internet done by the uses, then have an idea about the brands and their qualities.

5. Fill your cart and leave it

This is another good way to save some cash in shopping. You go to an online store and fill your cart with the items you want to buy. Then do not buy it, leave it for a few days. Then you will receive gift coupons or offers from the seller. This is not magic. Sellers want to close the deals immediately. When they see a cart full of items without payments, they will try to reach out and close the deal. It is important for you to register on the online platform with your email, then the seller can reach you through email.

6. Aware of Cashback deals

There are some websites you can earn cash backs on your purchases. For example, you can save up to 25% from your purchases using Ebates. Upromise, Quido, and Topcashback are similar sites as the Ebates. These sites are worth visiting. Another way to have cash-back deals is having a loyalty card. Stores give points when you buy items from their stores. If you have a loyalty card, they will add up to it. You can have some perks when you accumulate enough points. You also can get discounts on the loyalty card. It is a smart move to buy a loyalty card if you are a regular customer of a store.

save money online

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