With the Covid-19 pandemic, you are looking to start an online business. There are plenty of options, you have. The best thing of start an online business, is you do need not to have much capital in your hand. We are going to list down online business options.

1. Start a YouTube channel

You can start your own YouTube channel in any field you love. It is better if you can start in a field that really amuses you. Growing a YouTube channel is a long-time journey. If you do not love what you are going to put in the channel, it might not succeed. You can record the videos from your smartphone. You can upload them also from your phone. There are tons of video editing apps nowadays. You can edit the video from your smartphone easily. The best thing is you do not have any capital in your hand to set up a YouTube channel. You get paid for views and subscribers on YouTube. When your channel gets more followers, you can attract sponsors to your channel. You can earn a huge amount of money by promoting stuff through your channel too.

online business

2. Offer to manage a company’s social media accounts

This is a good option if you have some patience. In the modern world every business love to have updated Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter accounts with eye-catching content. You can reach a growing business in your area and offer them your support as a social media content creator. In this case, you will have to give them a trial period of one or two weeks. You should be able to prove your worth and market your talents. They will surely buy your service then.

3. Consultancy services

You might have expertise in something. You can sell that expertise on an online platform. For example, if you can play the guitar well, you can teach beginners to play the guitar through video conferencing. There are lots of video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype. You can use your smartphone to connect to your students.  There is also another field, you do not need much need expertise. That is life coaching. You need to set up a blog, Facebook page, or YouTube channel on motivation, positive thinking, winning goals, and philosophy. You have to be creative and unique here. The key to success here is to show the audience that you have the potential to be a life coach.

online business

4. Online writing jobs

If you are good at writing, you can earn plenty of money in writing. There are lots of online platforms that you can register. Ex: Fiverr, Upwork

You can type words from your smartphone very easily. With time, you will become an expert in writing. Then you will get more works from clients. Then you can start an online writing agency. You can hire some writers online and can get the work done. If you are good at more than one language, you can also translate articles online using your mobile phone. You can use online freelancer platforms to attach clients. 

online business

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