Blog smartly and earn like a pro.


We live in an internet-powered era where the largest marketplace is online. While the options to earn online can seem endless. A rather effective option that is totally trendy is blogging. If you own a blog, especially a finance blog, or are considering starting one, here are some ways you can use your blog smartly to make money online.

1.    Offer Online courses and workshops

Use your blog as a platform to offer certified courses and workshops that are affiliated with leading universities. You could do some research to find out the most demanded courses and workshops in order to attract as many learners as possible and earn a profitable income. Successful blogs such as earn over $1000000 annually by offering courses and workshops on their sites.

2.    Sell freelance services

You could offer freelance services such as Content Writing, programming, or designing on your blog and generate a great income by attracting customers who may want to hire your services. Efficient marketing and promotion of your services across social media will also aid you in reaching out to your target audience.

3.    Profit with Affiliate Marketing

Utilize your blog as a space to promote other businesses. Many companies are looking for ways to promote their products and services. You could capitalize on these opportunities by offering to recommend these products on your blog for a fee and earn an extra income hassle-free. A great way to start would be to join Amazon’s affiliate program.

blog money

4.   Offer your blog space for banner Ads

You could sell space on your blogs for banner adverts such as: Ad·

Google AdSense™ – Place banner ads on your site and earn through implementing CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) charges.

blog money

5.   Sell Ebooks and other digital products

The demand for Educational material is only increasing every day. An easy way to earn would be to offer high-quality Ebooks, tutorials, etc on your blog for a competitive price. If you have a knack for writing, you could use your blog to promote and sell your own content too.

6.   Review products or services

Companies are always looking to get their products reviewed to win over the trust of potential customers. You could review these products or services from other companies such as food, clothing, hotels, handyman services etc, and post these reviews on your blog for a fee.

7.   Entertain and earn

If you’re all in to give the world a glimpse of your ins and outs, that could be a way to earn too. By blogging about your travels, likes and dislikes, lifestyle, health habits, etc you are actually attracting a lot of attention that you could profit from. Once you’ve built your fanbase you could earn from souvenirs and original products related to your brand name.


Whichever path you choose to monetize your blog you ought to develop a strategy in order to maximize your profits. This strategy may include: identifying a suitable blogging niche, producing quality content, selecting a reliable traffic source like Google or Facebook, and joining affiliate programs. All in all, you need to find ways to blog smartly to benefit greatly.

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