An online store is a website, where users can order, pay the bill and get the product from home. ex: eBay, Ali express With the covid 19 pandemic online shopping is developing faster, because customers are lockdown and also going outside is dangerous these days but using online stores customers can study the product using previously mention comment and buy it. Online business is available every time. Therefore, customers can purchase it easily. A lot of people practice getting the product which they are more familiar with, so they have to travel and buy the product. If we can provide the service through the online store it will help to customers. So, we can allow them to chance to continue to receive greater service through your online stores will deepen the customer experience. Online stores can start small, medium, and large-scale businesses.  It helps to organize our product, customize storefront, accept credit card or cash on delivering, also it is an easy way of selling product. Therefore, online business is very famous.

online store

Low startup cost

Let see why we start an online store. With the pandemic, lots of people lost their jobs. So, people try to earn money somehow. An online store can start up on a small scale and grow a webshop. If you have good, IT knowledge and a good internet connection you can make a website and make a connection between seller and buyer and gain some profit from that business. If you built a shop, you need space and equipment. So, this prevents money and space.

online store

You own your time

When you start an online business, you can have access to customers all over the world, and also you can work anywhere. Online business is not limited to 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. on Monday to Friday. You don’t have any boss to order, you can take decisions in your business. You are the owner. Depending on the type of business you can choose what time you work. When you are doing the job, you can’t control how much you earn. sometimes you do work more than you earn. If you are an entrepreneur, you can control your goal and your income and what can you do for achieving it.

Be the Boss of your own online store

online store

If you are an entrepreneur, you can build a brand and move it positively among people. People will gradually towards you to buy your product. Also, you can make good job opportunities for others. And also, you can make it as a family business. One of the best feelings in the world, I’ve noticed, is when you’ve created something that you are proud of. It’s hard to do that from inside a cubicle when all you do is little tasks for your boss all day.


With the pandemic, people are practice using online stores.  This is a good opportunity for the development of the business.  For the new entrepreneur, it will be a good path. Because it needs law cost, space and can be starting in small scale. Any business not to start and to success easily. It should create step by step.

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